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Compatibility List Syntax

Compatibility Scores

Compatibility Scores Explanation
No data (none) There has been no assessment of compatibility of this title
Not Loadable 0 The game cannot load or does not start properly.
Unplayable 1 (to 49) Game starts, but cannot be played normally (due to freezes, severe graphical anomalies, etc)
Playable 50 (to 79) The game is playable, but has significant problems (such as certain key features being inoperable, or the game cannot be completed).
Good 80 (to 100) The game is good, can be completed, and runs without significant problems.

4DO Version

The 4DO Version indicates the version of 4DO that was used to determine the game's compatibility scores.

Notes About Scores and Comments

  1. Points will not be deducted for audio skips or stutters. 90% of these skips or stutters are caused by the CPU core currently used by 4DO on your computer's processor. The core is likely being maxed out by the emulated game. Turning off Scaling Modes and increasing the audio buffer on the advanced tab can help reduce these problems.
  2. We will understand that no comments means that there are no issues. Usually the only comments allowed if the game is perfect, is if you are stating that a certain version fixed a bug.
  3. If you feel that some additional info would help a user, put a link in the game notes to a detailed note in the section at the bottom of the Compatibility List. The Compatibility List should be kept clutter free and short. The detailed notes section can be as long as necessary.
  4. Your opinion about a game is unnecessary on a Compatibility List. Try a 3DO Forum for those kinds of discussions.

Compatibility Lists


Name Compatibility 4DO Version Notes
Alone in the Dark 75 See Detailed Note
Alone in the Dark 2 85 Occulusion/culling visual problems
AutoBahn Tokio 100
Ballz - The Director's Cut 100 Beta
Battle Chess 100
Battle Pinball 100
BattleSport 100
BC Racers 100
Blade Force 100
Blood Angels - Space Hulk 100
Blue Forest Monogatari 100 Requires rom2.rom (kanji font)
Brain Dead 13 100
Burning Soldier 100
Bust-A-Move 100
Cannon Fodder 100
Captain Quazar 100
Casper 100
Chiki Chiki Machine Mou-Race (Wacky Races) 100
Chiki Chiki Machine Mou-Race 2 - In Space (Wacky Races 2) 100
Club 3DO - Station Invasion 100
Corpse Killer 100
Cowboy Casino - Interactive Poker 100
Crash 'n Burn 90 (Fixed in See Detailed Note
Crayon Shin-chan - Puzzle Daimaou no Nazo 100
Creature Shock 100
Crime Patrol 100
Cyberdillo 100
Cyberia 100
D 100
Daedalus Encounter, The 100 (All Freezes Fixed in
DeathKeep 100
Defcon 5 100
Demolition Man 100
Devil's Course 95 Menu font rendering inaccurate
DinoPark Tycoon 75 Graphics fixed in, font rendering inaccurate
Doctor Hauzer 100
Doom 100 (Game Speed and graphics bags fixed in See Detailed Note
Dragon Lore - The Legend Begins 100
Dragon Tycoon Edge 100
Dragon's Lair 100
Drug Wars 100 (Video Seeking fixed in See Detailed Note
Escape from Monster Manor - A Terrifying Hunt for the Undead 100 (Text re-fixed in
Family Feud 100
FIFA International Soccer 100 Beta
Flashback - The Quest for Identity 100
Flying Nightmares 100
Foes of Ali 100 Beta
Gex 100 (Crash fixed in
Gridders 100 Beta
Guardian War (Powers Kingdom) 100 Use Anvil-bios to load EU version of game.
Hell - A Cyberpunk Thriller 100
Horde, The 95 Beta Minor graphical inaccuracy in bird's eye map.
Icebreaker 100
Immercenary 100 (freezes fixed in
Incredible Machine, The 100
Insect War 100
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse 100
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse - The Return 100
Jammit 100
Jikki Pachi Slot Simulator Vol. 1 100
John Madden NFL Football 100
Johnny Bazookatone 90 Loading screen remains in background
Jurassic Park Interactive 90 Driving segment plays at wrong speed
Killing Time 100
Kingdom - The Far Reaches 100
Last Bounty Hunter, The 100
Lemmings 90 Sound is sometimes static
Lost Eden 100 Takes a long time to boot up.
Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, The 100
Lucienne's Quest 100
Mad Dog II - the Lost Gold 100 Sometimes takes a long time to load.
Mad Dog McCree 100
Mazer 100 All freezes fixed in
MegaRace 100 (Video Freeze fixed in
Microcosm 100 start screens fixed in
Myst 100
N. O. B. - Neo Organic Bioform 100
Need for Speed, The 100
Night Trap 100
Novastorm 100 Beta (FZ-1 BIOS Issue Fixed in
Off-world Interceptor 100
Olympic Soccer 100
Olympic Summer Games 100
Out of this World / Another World 100
OverDrivin' 100
Paddock Note '95 100
Panzer General 100
PaTaank 100
Pebble Beach Golf Links 95 Menu font rendering inaccurate
Perfect General, The 100
PGA Tour 96 100
Phoenix 3 100 Beta (Freezes fixed in
PO'ed 100 (Game Speed fixed in
Policenauts 100
Primal Rage v1.0 80 Beta Full playable, but incorrect sound
Princess Maker 2 100
Pro Stadium 100
Psychic Detective 70 Sound sometimes is just static during videos
Quarantine 100 Beta
Quarterback Attack - The Professional Quarterback Simulator 100
Real Pinball 100 Beta
Return Fire 100 Beta
Return Fire - Maps O' Death 100
Rise of the Robots 100
Road Rash 100 Beta
Robinson's Requiem 100
Samurai Shodown 100 (Graphical issues fixed in
Scramble Cobra 100 Beta
Seal of the Pharaoh 100 (Intro freeze fixed See Detailed Note
Sewer Shark 100
Shadow - War of Succession 75 Plays at wrong speed (too fast)
Shanghai - Triple-Threat 100
Shock Wave 100
Shock Wave - Operation JumpGate 100
Shockwave 2 - Beyond the Gate 100
Slam 'N Jam '95 100
Slayer 100
Snow Job 100
Soccer Kid 100
Space Ace 100
Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood Angels 100 (freezes fixed in
Space Pirates 100
Star Control II 95 Minor visual glitches and off-tone sound effects
Star Fighter 100
Star Wars - Rebel Assault 100
StarBlade 100
Stellar 7 - Draxon's Revenge 100
Strahl 100
Striker - World Cup Special 100
Super Real Mahjong P.V 100
Super Street Fighter II Turbo 100 See Detailed Note
Super Wing Commander 100 Beta (Controls fixed in See Detailed Note
Supreme Warrior 100 Beta
Syndicate 100
Tetsujin Returns (J) 60 Missing graphics for obstacles in driving scene
Theme Park 100
Total Eclipse 90 Explosion gfx wrong. (Transparencies)
Tower, The 100
Trip'd 100
Twisted - The Game Show 100 Time boot fixed in
Uchuu Seibutsu Furopon Kun 95 Short lag before pieces disappear
Ultraman Powered 100
V Goal Soccer '96 100
Virtuoso 100 (Video Fixed in
VR Stalker 100
Waialae Country Club 100
Way of the Warrior 95 Occasional top-of-screen graphical oddities
Who Shot Johnny Rock 100
Wicked 18 95 Menu font rendering inaccurate
Wing Commander III - Heart of the Tiger 90 Beta (Colors fixed in Random Freezes on Videos.
Winning Post 100
Wolfenstein 3d 100
World Cup Golf - Hyatt Dorado Beach 100
Yuu Yuu Hakusho 100
Zhadnost - The Peoples Party 100

Demos / Multimedia / Adult / Arcade / Miscellaneous

Category Name Compatibility 4DO Version Notes
Adult Blonde Justice
Adult Coven, The 100
Adult Endlessly
Adult Immortal Desire
Adult Love Bites
Adult Mind Teazzer
Adult NeuroDancer - Journey Into The Neuronet
Adult Penthouse Interactive - Virtual Photo Shoot Vol. 1
Adult Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 100 cenes fixed in
Adult Sex
Adult Super Model, The - Gail McKenna
Adult SuperModels Go Wild
Adult Twinkle Knights
Adult Virtual Cameraman Part 1 - Naomi Sawada & Anna Juri
Adult Virtual Cameraman Part 2 - Natsumi Kawai & Kimi Tachihara
Adult Virtual Cameraman Part 3 - Yumika Sugimoto
Adult Virtual Cameraman Part 4 - Shiori Fujitani
Adult Virtual Cameraman Part 5 - Yuri Andou
Adult Virtual Vivid
Arcade Mad Dog McCree 2: The Lost Gold 25 Beta Requires patched bios, no controls
Arcade Orbatak 25 Beta Requires patched bios, no controls
Arcade Shootout at Old Tucson 25 Beta Requires patched bios, no controls
Demo 3DO Interactive Sampler CD, The 100 All freezes fixed in
Demo 3DO Interactive Sampler CD #2, The 100 All freezes fixed in
Demo 3DO Interactive Sampler CD #3, The 100 All freezes fixed in
Demo 3DO Interactive Sampler CD #4, The 100 All freezes fixed in
Demo 3DO Magazine 01
Demo 3DO Magazine 02
Demo 3DO Magazine 03
Demo 3DO Magazine 04
Demo 3DO Magazine 05
Demo 3DO Magazine 06
Demo 3DO Magazine 07
Demo 3DO Magazine 08
Demo 3DO Magazine 09
Demo 3DO Magazine 10
Demo 3DO Magazine 11
Demo 3DO Magazine 12
Demo 3DO Magazine 13
Demo Interplay 3DO Buffet, The 100
Demo Panasonic REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Sampler A 100 All freezes fixed in
Demo Panasonic REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer Sampler B 100 All freezes fixed in
Demo Sample This! 100
Demo Killing Time alpha 100 All freezes fixed in
Educational Bonogurashi
Educational Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise
Educational Fun 'n Games
Educational Fun 'n Games - Soft no Omochabai
Educational Gakkou no Kowai Uwasa - Hanako-san ga Kita!!
Educational Mathemagics - An Interactive Learning Cube
Educational Montana Jones
Educational Puppet Tale
Educational Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon
Educational Putt-Putt Joins the Parade
Educational Sesame Street - Numbers
Educational Shelley Duvall's It's A Bird's Life
Educational Slopestyle - An Interactive Learning Cube
Educational Toon the classroom
Miscellaneous 3DO Game Guru 100
Miscellaneous 3DO Storage Manager 100
Multimedia 20th Century Video Almanac 100
Multimedia 3D Atlas 100
Multimedia Aqua World - Umibi Monogatari
Multimedia Carrier - Fortress at Sea 100
Multimedia Dennis Miller - That's News To Me 75 Video playback Incorrect. Drops 90% of video frames.
Multimedia Digital Dreamware 100
Multimedia ESPN Baseball - Interactive Hitting
Multimedia ESPN Golf - Lower Your Score With Tom Kite - Shot Making 54 Disc 3 has random freezes and 4 videos total on discs 2 1 and 2 (last 2 videos on disc 2 plus the below feet video on disc one and the last video on disc one all have freezes at some point during the video
Multimedia ESPN Golf - Lower Your Score With Tom Kite - Shot Making - Mental Messages
Multimedia ESPN Golf - Tom Kite no Kore ga Golf Da!
Multimedia ESPN Let's Go Skiing with Picabo Street, A. J. Kitt & Holly Flanders
Multimedia ESPN Let's Play Beach Volleyball with Karch Kiraly & Karolyn Kirby
Multimedia ESPN Let's Play Soccer with John Harkes and Mia Hamm
Multimedia ESPN Let's Play Tennis with Tracy Austin
Multimedia ESPN Step Aerobics
Multimedia Life Stage, The - Virtual House 100
Multimedia Little House, The
Multimedia Marine Tour - Diving Spot Guide
Multimedia Oceans Below
Multimedia San Diego Zoo Presents...The Animals!, The
Multimedia Sid Meier's C.P.U. Bach 100
Multimedia Space Shuttle
Multimedia Woody Woodpecker and Friends - Volume 1 100
Multimedia Woody Woodpecker and Friends - Volume 2 100
Multimedia Woody Woodpecker and Friends - Volume 3 100
Multimedia Worldcup Super Stadium

Detailed Compatibility Notes

Here are some game specific detailed notes.

Alone In The Dark

Some feedback from anonyme-x22 in the forums:

Tried alone in the dark,
The text written on books, etc, are fixed in
The audio is weird, in voices, there are aretefacs, like samplerate change at the begining of each voice, and loop when the playing is on hold waiting the player to turn the page.
Also when reading books, the music is looping.
often the music goes unhearable, forcing the user to reboot the game.
Using the crop border produce artefact, like the picture resize itself whatever it's diplaying, so you have the logo resized, a menu resized,etc...

Crash 'n Burn

When selecting to start a race, sometimes the game will still reboot similar as it did before. Additionally, audio for video clips in racer selection screen sometimes improperly synced. The taunting preview of racers before starting a race also sometimes incorrectly super-imposes itself over screen elements.


Versions Prior to had the incorrect speed for this game. The original game also suffered from bad frame rate. Turning up the CPU Clock Speed on the advanced tab of 4do settings makes this game have a nice frame rate. Turning on High-Resolution Rendering also enhances this game significantly. You might need to increase the Audio Buffer if you enable these enhancements.

Drug Wars

This game is fully playable with the game pad only. There is no mouse or light gun support in 4DO yet. Using the gamepad is terrible with most American Laser Games titles.

Seal of the Pharaoh

I've notice for a long time that in the core, there is a slight audio bug that happens with many games. Some sound samples start with a very "clicky" sound, almost like when audio is too loud and clips. This game demonstrates this behavior the most. It happens on every step. I am documenting this fact as it would be a good place to start for someone who wanted to attempt to fix this bug.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

As of version, the game seems to be back on par to how smooth it used to play. There seems to be occasional frame drops, but this is the same behavior as how the game runs in FreeDO.

Super Wing Commander

Version fixed a bug where the controls are non-responsive. This was happening because all 6 controllers were being emulated all the time. Starting with this version, only emulated controllers that have bindings will be connected to the emulated console. Having Bindings on 6 controllers will cause the controls to stop working again though.