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Previously Problematic Games

Game Tested In Revision Good? Problem explanation
Blood Angels - Space Hulk 7 Freezes fixed
Crash 'n Burn 6 No reset after intro. Racer Videos sometimes will play correctly now, but sometimes they repeat phrases. FMV Sync does not fix this.
Crime Patrol 2 Video Seeking fixed
Drug Wars 6 Small FMV Issue Fixed
Immercenary 3fix Freezes fixed
Lost Eden 6 Does not boot. I waited until the counter said 2,000,000 many times with all BIOS files.
Mad Dog McCree 2 Video Seeking fixed
Mad Dog II - the Lost Gold 4 Improved. Video Seeking fixed. Fixes long boot time issue in No FMV Issues in Intro.
Microcosm 7 Playable, incorrect colors on some start screens still (same as
Novastorm 7 Boots
Olympic summer games 1 Bootup freeze fixed
Phoenix 3 7 Yes! Loading screen freezes fixed
Scramble Cobra 1 Started game multiple times. No freezing when loading, plays fine
Seal of the pharaoh 7 No Boot Freeze
Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood Angels 7 Yes - Missions are completable and melee encounters with Genestealers do not cause a crash
Street Fighter 2 6 No freezes. Perfect Intro! :)
The Horde 6 Loads fine. FMV Sync fixes video repeating issue.
Twisted - The Game Show 4 Loads fine, no problem, minigames issuefrom revision 1 fixed.
Wing Commander 3 6 Runs. Still has random freezes. FMV Stuttering fixed by FMV Sync.

Other Games Tested

Game Tested In Revision Good? Problem explanation
3DO Interactive Sampler 1 6 Improved. Now this boots, orion off world doesn't load though
Alone in the Dark 1 1 Yes
Alone in the Dark 2 4 Yes, minor gfx problems (same in
Another World 1 Yes
Autobahn Tokio 1 Yes
Battle Chess 1 Yes
BC Racers 1 Yes
Brain Dead 13 1 Yes
Cannon Fodder 1 Yes
Casper 4 Yes
Corpse Killer 1 Yes
CPU Bach 4 Yes
Crayon Shin-chan - Puzzle Daimaou no Nazo 4 Yes
Creature Shock 4 Yes
Cyberia 4 Yes
D 1 Yes
Daedalus Encounter, The 6 Yes
Decathlon 4 Yes
Demolition Man 6 Yes.
Dennis Miller - That's News To Me 6 Improved. FMV Playback is now correct.
Doom 6 Yes, no problems.
Doraemon Yuujou Densetsu 4 Yes, Intro Flicker? (same in
Escape from Monster Manor 6 Speed Issue! Confirmed! The animations are running way too fast and movement is a little fast too.
Jurrasic Park Interactive 6 Improved, music in mini-games now plays.
Killing Time 6 Yes.
Need For Speed 6 Yes
Out of this World 4 Yes
PO'ed 6 Yes
Quarantine 1 Yes
Road Rash 6 Yes, no problems.
Samurai Shodown 4 Yes
Star Wars - Rebel Assault 4 Yes. Control issue from revision 1 fixed.
Theme Park 1 Yes
Wicked 18 6 Fonts fixed
Wolfenstein 3D 6 Yes